Live Music

Friday & Saturday Evenings - Outside - 6-8pm - (weather permitting)

On our new "Backstage"


     7...Rodrigo & Guiseppe: acoustic blues 6-8pm

     8...Annalise McCann & Sonia Bergfeld: pop & standards 6-8pm

   14...Gary Schoenberger and the Perfect Strangers: folk rock, country &   

          bluegrass 6-8pm

   21...Ken Hall: acoustic music with touch of humor 6-8pm

   28...Home Remedy: folk & pop blended with beautiful harmonies 6-8pm


     4...Beth Tuttle with Sandy Weltman: jazz & standards played on piano &                    harmonica 6-8pm

     5...Catching the Westbound: "old timey" country & folk 6-8pm

     6...Nathan Rauscher: jazz & standards on vibes 11am-1pm

   11...Will Soll: "Funky" Jewish music from around the world 6-8pm

   12...Byplays: folk & pop duo 11am-1pm

       ...Audio Fun House: classic rock, folk & country 6-8pm

   18...Cherry & Jerry: old timey jazz & dixie land 6-8pm

   19...Pam Camp & Jocelyn Rugaber with Andrea Morse: music from a wide                  variety of genres 6-8pm

   25...Posey Bischoff: a blend of pop & original songs 6-8pm

   26...Lucas Prize: singer/songwriter 11am-1pm

       ...Dan Warner and Rosewood: folk/rock 6-8pm

   27...Gary Schoenberger: singer/songwriter 11am-1pm


    2...Chuck Kennedy: jazz 6-8pm

    3...Nathan Rauscher: cool jazz & standards played on vibes 11am-1pm

     ...Joey Kenig with Will Soll & Roger Netherton: folk and singer/songwriter


    4...Sonia Bergfeld: easy listening piano 11am-1pm

    9...Elle Patterson & Rachel Deschaine: jazz and pop 6-8pm

  10...Gary Schoenberger & Sherdonna Denholm: original music & covers 6-8pm

  11...Northbound Train: country, folk & rock 11am-1pm

  16...Gary Schoenberger & the Perfect Strangers: folk and country rock 6-8pm 

  17...Big River Trio: old time country and bluegrass 6-8pm

  18...Hannah Gibbons: originals and covers 11am-1pm

  23...Swipe Right: pop 6-8pm

  24...Joey Kenig with Rich Egan: singer/songwriter, folk 6-8pm



117 E Lockwood Ave, Webster Groves, MO 63119



Monday 7am- 2pm

Tuesday 7am - 2pm

Wednesday 7am -2pm

Thursday 7am - 2pm

Friday 7am - 2pm & 6pm-8pm

Saturday 8am-2pm & 6pm-8pm

Sunday 8am-2pm




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